Not even John McCain has time for their shit. 

Wow man if a republican calls you out on islamophobia you are really hitting rock bottom.

 st33rsplusqu33rs said: Yeah, turning off anon makes life easier. No need to subject yourself to anons.

Most of the time I’d be inclined to agree with you, however I have a friend who does not have a tumblr, nor apparently wants to get one, and visits mine every so often. Occasionally he sends me anon messages, and when I’m away from the computer for long periods of time, it’s hard for him to reach me otherwise.

But I’m turning it off for a little while. Should be fine. I hope.

I will say though I talked to my sociology professor about this particular series of messages I’ve been getting, in hopes of finding some clarity or understanding, and I feel like the best course of action is to ignore thinking about this, whether for now or for a time. So you’ve all been saved, tumblr, you don’t get to hear about that anymore. For now anyway.

Some ass did it again. I’ve got 5 fresh new bestiality messages in my inbox, which I will in fact respond to. However, afterwards, I’m turning off anon. Bestiality is a huge trigger for me and it sickens me that there are people arguing for it. If you really wanna keep talking to me about this, don’t.

  1. st33rsplusqu33rs said: Do freaky rapist people send you questions like this a lot? If so, I am sorry. Who really thinks it is ok to have sex with any being who cannot give consent, other than narcissistic people who project their desires onto others?

Not usually, no. But apparently since a post awhile back was so controversial in my belief about not being able to consent with animals to have sex with them, the entire population of tumblr wants to get on my back about it ;-;

Look, I never once said “If animals could consent with humans, then we should still prevent humans from having sex with them.” If there was enough way to consent with them, know what they were thinking on a definitive level, and talk to them, etc, then by all means, we can talk about legalizing and the morality of bestiality then, but not while they can’t say yes or no.

You’re absolutely right but it’s getting to my head… Make it go away… >.<


It’s wrong. Why do it?

I’m so sorry to all of my followers for that being the primary thing going on my blog lately. I hate that it keeps coming to my inbox and it makes me uncomfortable.

i had sex with many animals over the decades, both dogs and some smaller horses. my vagina still looks pretty fine and none of my animals ever had any problems with their junk either. if anything, they seemed much, much more relaxed than many of my neighbors dogs. i can understand your displeasure at the thought of animal sex easily. but i believe that seeing pets as completely asexual is probably leading to much more stress for them. there seems to be mutual benefit for both me and them

When I talked about prolapse, I was mostly referring to people and animals with penises, and animals that are too small to physically take said penises. If you have a vagina, prolapse is much less likely, unless the animal is much bigger than you. That being said, bruising can still occur. STDs may also happen. STDs present only in animals. Especially if you have sex with humans, do you really want to get sick with an illness that is borderline incurable for a dog? One, that, surely will be much worse and even more difficult/impossible to treat in humans than the animal they were originally treatable in? Sounds like a bit of a risk. And it CERTAINLY ISN’T like that hasn’t happened before… *cough AIDS cough*

Your animals could be more relaxed for a number of reasons not pertaining to sexual activity. Your animals could just be naturally quiet. They could be content with their treatment. They could be better trained. The neighbors’ dogs could be worse trained. They could be emotionally scarred from the sex with their owner. They could be in pain or worn out and not motivated to make noise about it. There are plenty of reasons as to why it could be happening. And just attributing it to the animals you’ve had sex with does not make it true for any or all animals. Too bad animals who can’t consent or communicate with you can’t tell you what they’re actually thinking. 

I’m not displeased with animal sex. I’m displeased with sex between humans and animals specifically. Animals have to have sex to reproduce, but we’ve got lots of animals already. If we overpopulate, there won’t be nearly enough humans to take care of these domesticated animals. And they’ll all have to die. Which is a pretty ridiculous treatment for just wanting to reproduce.

Fixing our animals does a lot of things to them. It cuts down on large amounts of primarily sexual hormones. It also strongly inhibits the pleasure receptors on their junk to gain anything in particular. The hormones that it cuts down lower their desire to engage in sexual activities with their species. A female cat that is fixed will no longer go into heat. Heat is caused by large amounts of hormones and a general horniness and instinctive desire to mate. If that isn’t present, then that should say something. A female animal that doesn’t go into heat ignores its desire for sex. It doesn’t undergo heat or its routine crazy horniness.

In fact, you could say it was asexual at that point. It can’t reproduce, and shows little to no desire to do something of the sort. Similarly in humans, chemical castration, done to sex offenders, does exactly the same thing. It cuts off the sperm producers and tubes, lowers production of testosterone, the hormone responsible for a male’s desire, and essentially removes the ability for them to get horny.

At that point, what good would having sex be? An inherent characteristic of sex is the orgasm and the pleasure. If you can’t get that from sex, then why even bother? Why just do it because you could? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

I don’t see pets as asexual, I’m simply acknowledging two things. Those things being one, thanks to being fixed, they now have very little libido or ability to enjoy sex as much. And two, sex is not necessary to live.

Sex is not necessary to live. Sex is not necessary to live. Sex is not necessary to live.

Whether an animal or you may appear to want it, you don’t need it. If you appear to need it, you don’t need it. It could be an addiction, but you still wouldn’t need it to live. It’s not like the human body reaches puberty and becomes able to actually have sex, and goes “alright, sate your libido at least once every 15 days or you’ll start getting deathly ill and die.” No, of course that’s not what happens. Animals live their full lifespan after being fixed and not ever having sex. You’d find you could too if the same thing happened to you.

I fail to see how animals could even achieve some level of stress from someone assuming they were asexual anyway. They can’t understand the words coming out of your mouth entirely. Animals can’t speak English. They understand words and sound commands if they hear them enough. Say “treat” enough times and follow it up with giving them a treat, and they’ll catch on. They aren’t learning the whole language. I highly doubt that causes them any stress at all for osmeone to assume an animal’s sexuality unless you were forcing them into breeding positions without knowing what they want.

And since I’m not doing that to my animals, but people who force them into sexual positions are… Well I rest my case.

oi, i go at the consenting animals thing in a slightly different way. i can agree that animals cant consent the way a human could. but i propose that they cant consent in that way to anything humans do to animals in general. having said that, we dont give a damn about animal consent in any other instance (taking freedom, feeding them this garbage they call dog food, making them do what we want them, crossbreeding, feasting, slaughtering, exterminating, etc). so why would we need consent for sex?

I get part of what you’re trying to say here. You’re right when you say that animals can’t consent to anything humans may do to them, sex being only one of those things. But think of it this way—it’s your choice to do the right thing for your animals.

Due to animal domestication over the years, generations upon generations of pet and farm animals don’t have near as much of the wild instinct that they once had. So pet-type animals have evolved to the point where, after learning from their mothers and fathers, that humans will take care of them. That we will feed them and take care of them, love them and care for them, take them to the vet, and so on. Domesticated animals don’t necessarily have a desire to be “free” as you are probably intending, simply because their adaptive personalities have grown to accept what humans provide for them. If food is given to them, they can eat. If humans provide them a suitable animal to breed with, then they will breed, not necessarily because of their romantic intent (provided they have the capacity for romantic feelings). Animals will do what we want them to because they rely on us to take care of them.

The activities you list all are dependent on how well you execute them. No, we don’t have “consent” from animals to take care of them, because we need to take care of them. Animals no longer can take care of themselves quite as easily, and we’re responsible for them. They stay with us by their own choice, not because we force them to. You can feed them shitty dog food that isn’t in any way good for them or natural. Or you can be the good pet owner and buy them natural ingredients. Real meat without any preservatives. And whatever else may be required by their diet. Corn is awful for mammalian pets, and causes all sorts of health risks. So you can be that responsible owner and provide them with food with no corn in it. And so on and so forth. It’s up to you.

You can teach your dogs tricks and silly things to get it to do for you, or you can passively own your animal without forcing them into those silly roles.

As for the last three you listed, that is certainly cruel. But it’s a systematic way of accomplishing what humans are supposed to do naturally. Humans are omnivores and we’re the top of the food chain. Nature suggests we should hunt and kill them. We just have adapted to become even more unstoppable and “hunt” and “kill” animals in a systematic manner, because we have 7 billion mouths to feed on this earth.

Of course we can’t consent to this. Some of it is natural for us to be doing anyway. ANd the stuff that isn’t IS NOT UNIVERSAL. Every animal owner can be symbiotic instead of parasitic. It’s up to them. To suggest that the entire human race treats animals like shit is not necessarily true.

So here’s my point. Because they don’t need to treat their animals like shit, they shouldn’t. This includes not having sex with them. They’re not made for your body and your body isn’t made for them. Just like you wouldn’t feed them shit food, or teach them to do practically slave work, you wouldn’t cause them bodily harm with whatever parts you have.

Trying to argue “we already treat them like garbage so let’s treat them even worse” is like suggesting “our death row inmates are already going to die, so let’s line them up in a dark room and force them to be sex slaves.” If they already have it bad, there is no need to make it worse. I could give you several more analogies but I’ve made my point.


How DARE you.

(also as you can see changing the comic name to Place of Princes because that’s shorter and you can can call it pop wich is cute :3)

hi i saw your post about "its its not hurting anyone than its ok" and while i agree with certain points i also disagree with certain points. Like for instance, animals in face can consent. have you ever tried to take a bowl of food from a big angry dog? if he can express displeasure as well as expressing desire then therefore he is capable of expressing consent. if mute people cant talk does that mean they cant have sex because they cant verbally consent? ya know? i love my boy and he loves me

I’m going to address your points individually and point out their flaws.

1. “Animals in face can consent.” Listen, dude, I don’t know what twisted world you come from, but if a dog is big and angry, you don’t take its food bowl away. Let’s just pretend that your big dog isn’t angry though. Let’s pretend for a moment that he is your pet and your dog and you love him. Why on earth would you experiment with a dog’s emotions by taking away his food. If he’s hungry, just let him eat, jeeze. If you take food away from your animal, that proves to me on its own that you don’t possess the capacity for loving an animal as much as you think you do.

Yes, animals can express emotions. However, due to a lacking series of facial muscles, their potentially huge range of emotions is restricted to only a few facial expressions. Scientists and biologists are unable to read the minds of animals. They could be “smiling” by what we see, but we might have a completely wrong perception of what that face means in an animal. It could be an indifferent face, or one thing or another. You don’t know, because you do not possess the power to read your animal’s mind.

2. “If he can express displeasure as well as expressing desire, then therefore he is capable of expressing consent.” No, not exactly. In studies, many animals are observed as having a smaller range of emotions too. And since we cannot be 100% clear on what those emotions are, we can’t pick out desire or pleasure or whatever. I feel like you’re still running on the analogy of food to describe pleasure and displeasure in this instance. This is a False Analogy Fallacy.

You compare an animal’s need for food and need for sex as two synonomously comparable things. But that’s not applicable. One of these things, you can do without any threat of dying. One of these things, you will DIE if you don’t do. And animals too. Can you guess which ones? Just in case you CAN’T, you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT FOOD. If an animal expresses HUNGER, it desires food. If an animal begins to starve, its hunger grows. If you take food away from a hungry animal, OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO GET FUCKING UPSET, YOU TOOK AWAY SOMETHING IT NEEDS TO LIVE AND IS DEPENDENT ON YOU TO PROVIDE FOR IT.

What happens if you take away an animal’s sex? Through a process we have become adept at over the years called spaying or neutering your pet, it keeps them from going into heat, stop pursuing sex, etc. We do it so our animals don’t go impregnate every other pet on the street and so they don’t make a huge noise when they’re horny. This is also to keep the animal population down. Animals reproduce exponentially, and if you let that carry on too long, the world would become hard to properly inhabit thanks to all of the dogs and cats and bunnies running around, but also, the dogs and cats and bunnies would be improperly cared for, have nothing to eat or hunt, and would die out RAPIDLY. We do it for their own good, not because we’re sadistic and want our animals to stop reproducing for our own enjoyment. We do it because animals are domesticated and we take care of them and we provide them the means to live in a lot of ways.

That being said, you can live without sex. The most that happens if you are sex-deprived is you get a little horny. You might get ED early. But even then, you can live your entire life without sex as long as you hvae the necessities of life: Food, water, oxygen, shelter, etc.

You cannot compare the two for emotional reasons because one is required to support life and one is not.

3. “If mute people can’t talk does that mean they can’t have sex because they can’t verbally consent?” Actually, they can consent. Mute people have a few legs up over a dog. For example, mute people can write. They know how to spell and write out words. If you can’t understand them, that’s an option. Or, how about sign language? Deaf people often are able to communicate a desire for intercourse or something like that with sign language. Mute people often learn that if they are incapable of speaking. Also, thanks to opposable thumbs, mute people can give a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Mute people can make the A-OK sign with their hands. Dogs cannot thumbs up. Dogs cannot write. Dogs cannot talk. Dogs cannot make an A-OK sign. Dogs cannot sign language. Same goes with cats or animals of the sort.

That being said, just like you shouldn’t try to take advantage of a mute person because he can’t speak his opinion on the sex with you, you shouldn’t take advantage of your animal in that way either. “Oh well he looks happy I guess that means he wants it” No. That’s not true. I’m happy almost every day of my life. I don’t want sex though. If I did decide I wanted sex, I would let someone know. Someone who could fix that. Happiness, pleasure, displeasure, facial expressions, WHATEVER. None of that proves to me that someone wants sex, and it shouldn’t to you either. Since we can’t read animals’ minds and find out what they truly want at any given time, you CANNOT be even remotely close to 100% sure that sex is what they want from you. Since you compare them, they could just be hungry for all you know.

Maybe in the future animals might be able to consent. Maybe in the future, the ability to read animals’ minds could be easily accessible. Maybe in the future we could discern what an animal’s truly are suggesting. But since you are never abundantly clear, you could be hurting the animal and it could very much not want that, and THAT IS NOT OKAY. Stick with your species, alright?

4. This isn’t your point, but this is one of mine. Have you ever heard of prolapse? If there’s anything in this world that makes bestiality hard for me to accept as “not hurting anyone,” it’s this. Prolapse is what happens when a part of the inner body is pulled out of the body. There are three major types of prolapse, but let’s stick to the sex ones. Vaginal, and rectal. If you’re having sex with an animal who is smaller than a human, you will almost certainly have a larger manhood than the animal can take. You might get lucky forcing yourself into your little animal, but when you try and pull out, it is very possible that you can injure the animal by puncturing intestinal/colonic lining, OR you can prolapse their anus or vagina, and rip their most sensitive body part out of their body just because you wanted to stick your big dick inside your little cat. Prolapse causes things to fall out of place can cause all kinds of bleeding, and frequently, it can kill you.

There was a viral-ish video circulating around the internet not too long ago where an animal, a horse, mounted a man, and literally fucked him to death. One insertion, one pull-out. Death by colonic seperation from the anus, and anal prolapse.

"If it’s not hurting anyone, it’s okay." No, if you love your animal even a little bit, if you hurt them by ripping out their vaginal lining or anal lining with a member that was never meant to be in their body in the first place, THAT COUNTS AS HURTING THEM. Sometimes you may not prolapse an animal and they might be fine, but they might be hurting. They might be in pain, they might not be alright. You can’t really tell. (Of course in a lot of cases they might not even be able to sit down without it hurting, so their constant standing or hesitance to sit down might tell you something.)

Even in the future if someone found a way to magically gain consent from their animal friend, I would still be hesitant to accept that fact, because their smaller animal could risk a death from sex, all because you couldn’t keep your fantasies to yourself. 

5. “I love my boy and he loves me.” Since you can’t prove that without proper communication means from your animal, and if you can’t gain consent from an animal effectively, and there is the risk of prolapsing your animal? I don’t think you do.