Despite following around 150 blogs right now, unless it’s a weekend, my dashboard is so empty! The worst times are the night life times and while I’m at work, which are, coincidentally the times I’m awake and tumbling hard.

So I need some new blogs to follow.

If you have a blog and you post about one of the following or are one of the following:

  • Trans*/Genderqueer (especially MtF/DMAB)
  • Asexual or some variant
  • a furry and/or fursuiter
  • into BDSM, primarily but not limited to petplay
  • Open minded and easy to chat with should you turn out to be an awesome person
  • a fan of kangaroos

Reblog this! I’ll ABSOLUTELY FOLLOW ANYONE who reblogs this post and fits those descriptors! You don’t have to be all of the above, just one is fine. My only request is that whatever your blog, you at least be LGBT friendly. c:

If I already follow you or you don’t fit these descriptors, but you know someone who does that sounds like my speed, then please suggest them. And if someone’d signal boost this, I’d love you forever. :D Thanks!


Exactly where does a person who is not asexual get the right to form an “opinion” on the existence of asexuality? If someone /is/ asexual, then they exist. Scientifically speaking, they are there. What /grounds/ is there for someone to form an ignorant opinion on whether or not their existence is legitimate? I mean, hell, we’re here, we know what we feel.

And what about someone who isn’t asexual telling us that being asexual is impossible because “if you’re a human being born with genitalia, you’re not asexual.”? Is this a reasonable thought? Here, let’s let /you/ with your regular surges of sexual feeling tell us asexuals, who often don’t feel those same surges of sexual feeling what we feel. Let’s let YOU define the sensations are body does (or doesn’t, as it were) feel. Yes, we aces will gladly enable anyone else to diagnose us with feelings we have because you OBVIOUSLY know better than us what our body is feeling.

Just fuck you.

Hey guys, help me out please. I just need to feel better and all the help I can get.

I apologize if it’s hard to hear, I had to whisper for fear of my parents coming in. Also, it’s long, so be prepared to sit for 26 adn a half minutes.

TL;DW—Coming out had bad results.

Asexy Relationships — Can Age Gaps be a No-Go?

On more than one occasion (it’s online dating or social networking or similar), I have had someone significantly older than me wanting to be in a relationship. Usually, when it’s someone that much older (i.e., 28, 29, 36), it’s someone who is either looking for a romance-centric (and nothing else) relationship, or an asexual.

Regardless of who it is, they always seem super interested in hearing from me and being in a relationship. Like, acting all chivalrous in chat from the first time they talk. It shows me that they’re desperate and haven’t found success—presumably even after trying several people.

But that aside, and on topic, since an asexy relationship doesn’t necessarily require sex as any one of the corners of the relationship, would it be wrong to say that you /aren’t/ interested in someone because they’re too old for you?

Some people prefer older people because of like life experience, or money or something like that, and I’m not one of those people. In fact, most people over the age of 22 give me a sense of inferiority. Not that I can’t be friends with these people, but I see them as above me, and not on my level. It makes me nervous, so I naturally prefer not to want anything to do with people (relationshipwise) who are that much older than me. If I have to turn down said people verbally or by blocking them, is that a bad thing? It just feels funny.

I was going to post a picture of the Asexuality book…

…and say something like “Hey guys, Lookit what I got!” Until my computer decided my webcam is in use by another application (it’s not), and I can’t take a picture. So instead I’ll just say it.

Asexuality: A Brief Introduction is here! Woo!

Just ordered “Asexuality: a Brief Introduction” from Amazon

Straight to my house. Should be here Thursday. Hopefully the parents won’t decide they have to open it. But if they do, yay for involuntary coming out. I mean, it’s for my parents to read anyway. I already know about my sexuality.

Need some new blogs to follow.

I’m not following enough blogs, my Dashboard is so empty so much of the time… Can anyone point me to some new blogs? I’d like that.

Things I follow:

  • Asexual blogs
  • Transgender (MtF specifically) blogs
  • LGBT advice blogs
  • A cappella blogs
  • Girly subject blogs

Things I am not following but would like to follow:

  • Spoiler-free Homestuck blogs
  • Asexual kink/Asexual BDSM blogs
  • Feel-good blogs
  • Broadway blogs
  • Blogs with makeup tutorials

If anyone could point me to some of those, that’s rock.

EDIT: Sorry for all the tags.

Yay meme. :3Don’t have the link to the original right this minute I’m afraid.Hard to read text:Mutual Masturbation—“Assuming there is consent and no actual touching of my parts, then yes. (AKA pants-rubbing, dry humping)”Anal Sex—“If I’m on the receiving end and the penetration is with something other than a body part, possibly.”Kink/Fetish—“Kinks are my life, I’m a paraphiliac on so many levels.”

Yay meme. :3

Don’t have the link to the original right this minute I’m afraid.

Hard to read text:

Mutual Masturbation—“Assuming there is consent and no actual touching of my parts, then yes. (AKA pants-rubbing, dry humping)”

Anal Sex—“If I’m on the receiving end and the penetration is with something other than a body part, possibly.”

Kink/Fetish—“Kinks are my life, I’m a paraphiliac on so many levels.”

Coming out to parents as trans* (and asexual): Via letter, or in person?

I’ve read a bit of things lately that make me wonder exactly what would be a better idea. Some may argue that coming out with a letter is too impersonal, however, coming out in person may result in a higher stress load and immediate (possibly negative) results.

So I’m curious as to what you guys think. I don’t know how to come out to my parents or what will happen afterwards, and I’m scared. But I’d also like to see a therapist really soon and begin walking the road to HRT. Doing that and not coming out would result in a very negative immediate response if my parents found my hormones, or my body’s changes, or whatever.

Since the limit of how many characters you can put is short, if you need to reblog to answer, it’s okay.

So, my questions:

1.) First off, in an environment where you are almost certain your parents would not accept you for one or the other (trans* or asexual), would it be better to come out in person and face the immediate consequences, or would it be better to wait till I’m at a safe distance from my parents to send them a letter to come out as a transgendered person?

2.) Would it be a good time to come out as trans and then come out as everything else in one sitting (or letter as it may be)?(panromantic, asexual, [atheist])

Am I the only one who noticed this?

Am I the only one who noticed this?