30 Day Genderqueer Challenge

Day 12:Discuss your relationship with the term transgender

Me and the term transgender are relatively good friends. I’m almost 99% able to be called transgender because I am a male who identifies as female. It’s the simplest way to explain my identity, but I am more appropriately genderqueer. Because I am a female up until one eensy weensy, teeny tiny little detail—and that detail is my singing voice.

I have an awesome (I’ve been told, and agree) singing voice, and I’m a tenor. While it would be nice to sing higher, or in a more womanly tone, being completely honest, there is more merit for male singers than females. Not to mention, I am a complete audiophile and a tenor or baritone with a wide range gives me chills. I choose /not/ to be completely transgender because I want to keep my singing voice completely pure and unadulterated, no matter what consequences may be nonexistent.

However, if taking hormones does something to the pitch, I won’t complain, as long as I can still sing.